Rifle Mount

FMS Accessories offer the rifle mount developed by BMW for use on the 2015+ R 1200/1250 RT-P models. The rifle mount features an adjustable barrel support that will accommodate barrel lengths up to 14" with standard mounts and up to 18" with the RH Long mounting bracket. These lengths include overall barrel length including suppressor if appropriate. The mount comes complete with a Santa Cruz Gunlocks shielded SC-1 lock with CA round key, new anti-magnetic lock shield built into rifle mount, shielded black wiring harness terminated for the BMW gun lock release plug, mounting hardware and instructions. New lower support variants are available with integrated sight shield, no sight shield, offered with standard muzzle cup or large muzzle cup for use with suppressors. Large muzzle cup can accommodate a suppressor with an OD up to 1 7/8" (1.875"). New super-cool lower support with integrated small heat shield + std. muzzle cup for std. mounts + can be used on long rifle mounts with barrel length up to 14". Note: A mounting bracket must be purchased separately for Std. RH, RH Long or Std. LH mounting orientation. When mounting long barrel rifles on RH side, we suggest ordering the heat shield to protect the muzzle cup or lower support with integrated heat shield. Note: For 2019+ F-Series models, request 25" gun lock cable in Instruction box.
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Change as of 06/2023 production:  Enlarged charging handle pocket to accommodate ambidextrous charging handles.  Pre-drilled for optional helmet lock.  Top left-side profile modified for clearance with optic mounts.

Caution:  Rifle must have a pistol grip with an angle of approximately 60 degrees to nest in the mount correctly.  This is the standard grip angle of the AR-15.  There are some custom rifles with the grip less angled (Springfield Saint = 72 degrees) which will not fit the mount properly, as they don't allow the receiver to settle into the mount. Rifles with grips other than 60 degree angle will not fit the FMS Accessories rifle mount properly and will negate the safety / security features of the rifle mount.

Note:  A mounting bracket must be purchased separately for LH or RH mounting orientation.

Note:  The addition of this or other accessories does not change the overall load limits of your motorcycle - always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for loading.  Due to mounting location, rifle stock / mount may be visible in rear view mirror.

The rifle mount will mount directly without mounting brackets to the 2006 - 2014 model BMW RT-P.  

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Gunlock Safety Precautions

NOTE: FMS Solutions, LLC (FMS) weapon mounts and Santa Cruz Gunlocks, LLC (SCG) are intended for temporary, secure storage of firearms. They are not substitutes for a permanent storage enclosure and only act as limited theft deterrents. And they will not prevent accidental discharge/firing of a chambered round.  To properly and safely use the FMS weapon mounts with Santa Cruz gunlock:

  • Your weapon mount must be fitted / adjusted to match the weapon being mounted.  It is possible that some weapons will not fit the mount correctly, based on variable components / accessories fitted to the weapon. 
  • Read and follow all installation instructions!
  • Do not use if your firearm does not fit the weapon mount or gunlock properly
  • Never leave your firearm unsupervised while using an FMS weapon mount and/or SCG gunlock
  • Never place a loaded firearm in an FMS weapon mount and/or SCG gunlock
  • Never chamber a round while using a FMS weapon mount and/or SCG gunlock
  • It is the responsibility of the user to operate the FMS weapon mount and/or SCG gunlock properly and safely

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