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With the proliferation of cell phone mounts, more riders are requesting a dedicated cell phone USB connection without routing the wiring on top of the fairing to the USB / Voltmeter outlet. Therefore, a dedicated USB cell phone charging outlet is available that runs from the map light plug. The converter can Velcro below the radio head mount with the cable neatly tucked away. Available with direct plug connection to map light plug, or with an in / out so that both the map light and cell phone charger can be connected to the same plug.
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Caution:  Though the converter module and the connection plug are waterproof, the open USB A socket obviously is not.  Therefore, please observe the directions to ensure water cannot pool within the socket or the unit could be damaged.  Warranty claims will not be accepted when there is evidence of water damage in the USB socket.

Note:  This 12V to 5V DC converter is using intelligent microprocessing chip, over voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.

Note:  The map light circuit is only 2A (with a 30 minute run time after ignition OFF).  You may not be able to charge your phone and operate the map light at the same time or the circuit could overload and shut down temporarily (CHP models with Zenon map light in particular ... unplug your phone from the charging cable prior to operating map light).  If the circuit does shut down, it will restart after the GMSF cycles.  You can test it to determine if both devices can be operated simultaneously.  

Note:  Not for use in charging tablets or other larger capacity devices.  May not be compatible with foldable Samsung phones.

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