Emergency Light Multiplier Module w/Harness for Two Additional LED Lights

Many agencies wish to add more rear lighting when laptops are used and the radio box lid (with half of your lighting) is opened facing the sky. Adding additional emergency lighting to 2015 and newer R 1200/1250 RT-P models has been a challenge as the flasher board system capacity is limited to the full complement of lighting available from BMW and does not respond well to additional loads. The Emergency Light Multiplier (ELM) enables you to add up to 12 additional LED emergency lights! The harness for lights #1 & #2 are included in the ELM wiring harness. After selecting the ELM module, move to lighting to select the lights you wish the ELM to control such as the NEW Feniex Fusion LED lights.
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The Emergency Light Multiplier (ELM) enables you to add up to 12 additional LED emergency lights!  The ELM is a new module that reads the flash synchronization of the stock BMW motorcycle emergency light system and powers additional LED emergency lights (up to 12) from a separate power source.  Given the proliferation of needed equipment such as PC's, chargers, printers, radar, USB outlets, etc., the availability of additional power sources is growing increasingly limited.  For this reason, the ELM was designed to obtain power directly from the auxiliary battery (normally a no-no in the BMW world).  The reason this works is that the parasitic load of this unit is so small, that the parasitic load would take over 5 years for it to discharge the auxiliary battery, so unlike most all other devices, it is safe to connect the ELM directly to the auxiliary battery.  The ELM is both reverse polarity protected as well as overload protected, so it requires no fuses or adjustments.  Therefore, you can locate it under the floor plate of the radio box preserving all radio box internal space.  If it every overloads, the internal circuits will reset in approximately 20 seconds and continue doing so until the overload is corrected.   

The kit contains the ELM module with plug & play connections to the MC lighting system, the MC auxiliary battery, as well as dual 24" leads for connection to the two optional rear emergency lights with BMW waterproof connectors.  An additional plug is on the ELM harness to add even more lighting by selecting optional dual or quad leg harness, or creating your own harness connections.  

Key Features:

Add up to 12 additional emergency lights to the motorcycle (purchase lights and leads separately)

  1. Fully synchronized with stock BMW emergency light system
  2. Safe to connect directly to the auxiliary battery power source
  3. Fully protected from short circuit / overload
  4. Easy installation 

Optional Emergency Lights:

Feniex Fusion:  The Feniex Fusion LED light is an outstand light that responds well to the BMW light system, with no flutter in cruise mode and provides crisp switching regardless of the flash rate set.  Order these lights and mountings separately.

Note:  When in "Cruise Light" mode, most available auxiliary LED lights other than the Feniex Fusion will flutter trying to mimic the high pulse rate of the "Cruise Light" mode modulated output that produces a dimmer steady-burn vehicle front and rear emergency light. Though the ELM can perfectly duplicate this frequency, most available additional lights can not display it.  

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