Moving Radar Mounts

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Radar Connection Plug

The radar connection plug is used to connect accessories (including moving radar) to the four-conductor plug on the radio box terminal strip in position 11, referred in the BMW instructions as Radar Connection on the K52 / 2015 - 2022 R 1200 / 1250 RT-P models. One four-conductor socket housing along with four sockets are provided with each PN quantity selected. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 849

Handlebar Accessory Mounting Bolt Kit

FMS Accessories offers the bushing and bolt kit needed to mount various accessories to the handlebars on the K52 / 2015 - 2022 R 1200 / 1250 RT-P including radar remote controllers, microphone mounts, cell phone holders, etc. The kit includes a special aluminum bushing, stainless steel washer and pan-head stainless steel Torx head bolt. The kit is available in standard length as well as +5 mm and +10 mm longer bolts for use when multiple brackets are attached to one side. The M10 Torx head bolt already has encapsulated thread locker on the bolt end - the Torx head enables you to apply the required 40 Nm of torque as specified by BMW without deformation. Formerly BMW PN 71 60 2 452 841

Microphone Mount

FMS Accessories offers the bracket needed to mount the radio microphone or other accessories to the handlebars on the 2015 - 2022 R 1200 / 1250 RT-P models. A new version is also available that is 1.5" taller / forward off-set to work with radio heads that are mounted higher, where the microphone key could otherwise ride against the radio head. As used by AZ DPS. Note: Requires the special bolt kit listed in related products. Formerly BMW PN: 71 60 2 452 875

GTT Opticom 795 Dashboard Mount

Available January 2022. TFT dashboard mount for GTT Opticom 795. Bracket is laser-cut mild steel with powder-coating finish. Complete with expanding mounting rivets and special SS Plastite screws for GTT unit. Note: requires drilling four holes in the fairing dashboard - 2021+ R 1250 RT-P models with TFT display.

Opticom Model 795 Mounting Bracket

Tumble-finished stainless steel mounting bracket for the GTT Model 795 emitter module. Mounts to LH front protection bar on 2015+ RT-P models - will work with radar antenna forward mount. Complete with mounting screws and special SS Plastite screws for GTT unit.

Opticom Control Module w/Harness

The Opticom Control Module enables installers to configure the installation based on department use policy for emitter systems. The OCM provides precise triggering of the emitter modules based on operation of the front emergency lights, regardless of flash pattern. The OCM also provides a selectable manual pause or activation function utilizing the fairing speaker mute switch (speaker mute function then disabled). The unit connects with the side stand to pause when "parked". Indicator light outputs are also provided for either Paused or Activated function using optional indicator lights. The user decides based on preference or department policy. Make selection below regarding activation and indicator light wiring so that unit will be pre-set to those preferences.

Opticom Relay Harness

Harness for connection of Opticom emitter module, utilizing the fairing speaker mute switch for relay activation of radio plug power source, in-line fuse holder with Opticom rated 7.5A fuse, includes side stand disable signal wire and 60" harness lead with generic connector to Opticom harness.

Tomar Strobecom II Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket to enable mounting of the Tomar Strobecom II module on the RH side ahead of the Lidar gun holster. Utilizing the mounting bracket also used on the Zebra printer case "forward" mount, the universal base is a solid mount for other accessories. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Lidar gun adapter plate, though can also be used together with the regular FMS Lidar gun holster mounting bracket.

Replacement Hardware Set - TFT Display Mounts

Replacement hardware kit for TFT Display mounts for moving radar. Set includes four (4) 6mm plastic rivets and one (1) expandable locking grommet. Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.