Optional Harnesses for Additional Emergency Lights

An additional harness can be connected to the Emergency Light Multiplier module harness for more emergency lights. The ELM harness is standard with leads for two added lights. If more are desired, a plug exists (Additional EL Connections) to connect a harness that adds either two or four more lights. The additional harnesses are available in 26" or 36" lengths. Select from the drop down menu. Only one optional harness (2x or 4x) can be plugged into the main ELM harness. Note: New four lead harness with 2 x 30" and 2 x 60" for additional front and rear side emergency lights. Note: New 60" "extension cord" harnesses to extend existing harnesses. New "extension cord" harnesses have special BMW waterproof connectors at both ends! New Adapter now available to direct-connect a second BMW/Code 3 Duplex LED Light to the ELM module. Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.
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