Saddlebag Lid Retention

Monday, January 9, 2023

High Strength Lid Retention Straps were developed to provide more secure retention of the saddlebag lid, virtually eliminating the risk of retention cord stretch / breakage resulting in lid hinge binding, while providing more support when items are stored in the lid cavity using the Saddlebag Inner Cover Lid Storage. Additionally, the retention straps can replace the hydraulic lid retention mechanism on the newest models to enable use of the Saddlebag Inner Cover Lid Storage. Retention straps are made from 3/8" nylon webbing, providing exceptional strength and resistance to stretching. They are anchored at each end with a crimped M5 ring terminal and stainless-steel hardware. Saddlebag Lid Retention Straps sold as a pair (2) and include all necessary hardware.  Fit 2006 - 2023+ units with authority saddlebags.