Specialty Electrical Modules

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Cell Phone Charger

With the proliferation of cell phone mounts, more riders are requesting a dedicated cell phone USB connection without routing the wiring on top of the fairing to the USB / Voltmeter outlet. Therefore, a dedicated USB cell phone charging outlet is available that runs from the map light plug. The converter can Velcro below the radio head mount with the cable neatly tucked away. Available with direct plug connection to map light plug, or with an in / out so that both the map light and cell phone charger can be connected to the same plug.

FMS LVD Power Timer

The FMS LVD Power Timer switches fused battery power to accessories such as radio equipment, emergency light flashers, computers / printers, relay banks, fuse blocks or other accessories that require power starting with IGN ON, then extended after IGN OFF based on preset run-time extensions from 15 min. up to 1.75 hours. Great for authority or civilian applications. The integrated LVD Low Voltage Disconnect protection will cease the timed extension if the battery voltage drops below the preset level (9 or 11 volts) for longer than 30 seconds. The LVD feature preserves the battery from deep discharge / extends battery life. See details below.

FMS LVD Power Center

The FMS LVD Power Center provides a (Low Voltage Disconnect) connection bank for law enforcement / public service vehicles. The 50A Power Center provides separate managed power outlets for all standard authority functions for motorcycle / utility vehicle use. Each power output can be set to be powered either with ignition-ON, or continue to be powered for a specific time after ignition-OFF based on timer duration selected. The timer duration is adjustable in 15-minute increments up to 1.75 hours after ignition-OFF. One fused outlet is provided for direct battery connection (fused, no LVD or timed function), primarily for an external charging port. All other outlets are LVD managed, meaning that if the voltage in the battery(s) that the LVD Power Center is connected to drops below either 9V or 11V (selectable) for more than 30 seconds, the Power Center shuts down to protect the battery(s). Inputs are Bat +, Bat - and IGN. The IGN input is a voltage sensing input, so if no dedicated IGN input is available, you can connect items such as taillight or other accessories that are ON when the IGN is ON. Note that if a (starter) load-shedding power source is used, the non-timer selected outputs will be off when the starter is activated. All outputs have either a selectable ATM fuse (up to 15A) or are load managed circuit, with a variety of load choices. 3-15A outputs (emergency lighting, siren, mobile radio), 7 load managed outputs 1-7A, 2-5A, 2-3A, 2-2A (radar, Set-Com/PVP, PC charger, video, BT amp, etc.) plus the BAT direct connection (suggest 5A for battery charger / power outlet). The 10 outlets that can be time managed are selected via a 1-10 DIP switch. This feature enables you to select the proper output based on load rating, then decide with each output whether you want it time managed or not. Outputs 1-3 are higher-current and use a set-screw wire connection. Outputs 4-10 and BAT use the 2-conductor accessory connection plugs provided (FMSA-EL-ACP).

FMS Flash Control Unit

FMS Flash Control Unit controls all emergency functions for the Gen 3 / R 1250 GS-P model. Additionally, this Flash Control Unit is ideal for use on other motorcycles, side-by-sides, utility or other vehicles.

Voltage Sensing Relay Module

Relay module that senses voltage on the trigger line without consuming / loading that trigger line. Two input triggers and two relay outputs per input trigger. Rated at 7.5 A overall. Powered directly from the motorcycle battery with parasitic load less than 20 micro-amps. Overload protected with fuse. Includes mating 12x socket housing and 2" x 2" Velcro mounting. Currently used on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 R 1250 GS-P for ignition trigger sensing as well as CA steady-burn light activation.

Siren / EL Signal Control Module

Control module for motorcycle conversions to enable smart switching of generic siren and emergency light components. This control module provides the same switching signal touch and feel as the BMW RT-P models for your escort / off-road motorcycle conversions. Emergency light button enables single-touch activation sequence of F&R, R, F lights with press & hold to turn-off. Alternate firmware load enables EL activation sequence of R, F&R, R, F. Specify the EL sequence desired when ordering. Siren button enables single-touch activation for wail, yelp, hyper-yelp with press & hold to turn-off. Double-tap & hold for chirp tones. Module provides +12v activation outputs to generic components to activate these features. Module mounts with Velcro. Mating plug with 12 sockets is provided for connection. Works with user-provided momentary Siren & EL activation buttons. Currently used on the GEN 1 R 1250 GS-P for siren and emergency light activation.

Power Management Module

Power Management Module is a direct plug & play connection on 2010 through 2014 BMW R 1200 RT-P models (K26MU). The PMM provides a 30 minute timed power extension after ignition-OFF from the radio circuit, activated with ignition power. Two outputs from the PMM include one heavy circuit for radios and a lighter circuit for the helmet headset interface module. Unit includes proprietary BMW connectors. Formerly BMW PN 65 12 2 211 643 Free shipping is limited to the continental United States. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.