Stalker X-Series Lidar Holster

Newly redesigned locking Stalker X-Series Lidar gun holster for BMW R 1200/1250 RT-P and the New F 750/850 GS-P, standard with all mounting hardware included. Powder-coated aluminum holster with steel mounting plate secures X-Series guns with less dust, dirt, bugs, etc. than open mounts. Tapered top entry makes it easier to guide gun into holster. Smooth sides reduce the chances of fairing damage from tip-overs. Aluminum constructions keeps holster from rusting if powder-coating wears off. Precision fit requires no padding to deteriorate over time. Key plunger lock secures gun from the thief of opportunity. Unit is complete with M5 SS Torx mounting screws for protection bar thread inserts. Select the mount and orientation for your model in the drop-down list Mounting Bracket Type. All locks are keyed the same for easy use within the agency. No adapter plate required for installation.

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Note:  New design as of 5/2022 superceeds all prior holster designs.  All stock had been modified as of 6/16/21 to accommodate the newest battery release latch on the X-Series guns!
Note:  If your protection bar is substantively bent in / back, you may not have sufficient clearance for this accessory to fit properly.  Either bend your bar back out closer to the original position or replace the bar.  
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Note:  The addition of this or other accessories does not change the overall load limits of your motorcycle - always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for loading. 


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