Two-Day Express Shipping

Upgrade to 2-Day Express Shipping based on order value. Only $20 for orders up to $150 in value. See below for details.
SKU: FMSA-2 Day Express

Add To Estimate

Up to $150 value = $20.00
$151 to $500 value = $30.00
$501 to $800 value = $40.00
$801 to $1200 value = $50.00

Maximum order value ($50) will be authorized for each (1) quantity ordered, but final charge will be adjusted to match the order value without express charge.
(We cannot add to the CC authorization - only subtract)
Add multiple quantities of this service for orders exceeding $1200 in value.
(Select quantity 2, for example, to match $1800 order value)

The intent of this option is to accommodate small orders needed quickly - not available for use on bulk orders.  

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