Water Bottle Holder / Helmet Lock RT-P

Now in Stock! New water bottle holder with integrated helmet lock for LH side front protection bar mount. Water bottle holder is adjustable to fit many common water bottle sizes. Mounts directly to the LH protection bar and will work together with radar antenna mounts (use longer screws provided when doubling-up the mount). Red depth adjustment knob shaft is crimped to keep from unscrewing completely / falling out. Insulated mugs / bottles are recommended due to ambient air flow + radiator heat flow. Maximum diameter that mount will accept is 3.5". Not recommended for heavy, over-size large capacity bottles as retention cannot be ensured. Maximum recommended weight of bottle + contents = 2 lbs.

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Add-On Mug Option!  Special 16 oz. vacuum insulated mug made from food-grade 304 stainless steel inside and out!  High-grade lid with glove-friendly magnetic sliding closure enables easy operation and even easier cleaning.  Mug will keep your drink hot or cold regardless of the weather.  Special price of $19.95 when ordered with the water bottle holder! 

Note:  If your protection bar is substantively bent in / back, you may not have sufficient clearance for this accessory to fit properly.  Either bend your bar back out closer to the original position or replace the bar.  

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